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Jeffrey bernstein and dating

The arrangement can be a legal minefield, which is why it's less common.

The billion-a-year commercial surrogacy industry is fueled by a rise in infertility, a declining number of children available for adoption and an influx of agencies and lawyers ready to draft contracts that cover everything from what a surrogate can eat to the medical justifications for ending a pregnancy.

The most promising embryo from each batch was then implanted into their surrogate.

The procedure, called a double-embryo transfer, is frowned upon by many fertility doctors because it increases the risk of having multiples, which can lead to health complications for both baby and surrogate.

The number of births involving a surrogate climbed more than 200 percent to nearly 1,200 during that same period.

One day, when the Berstein twins inevitably ask about their mother, they will hear about the 24-year-old, raven-haired outdoor enthusiast who pumped herself full of hormones and provided her eggs anonymously.

Some gifts inspire short-lived exultation, others polite nods.

Then there are the gifts that take your breath away, rewarding years of self-doubt, financial hardship and agonizing choices.

They help you realize that you, like your squirming preemies wrapped in tubes, are not fragile but a fighter.

For Jeffrey and Brian Bernstein, a gay married couple living in a sleepy Philadelphia suburb, the gift of life was not a happy accident.

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